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? ??Globeflight, a privately owned company with its Head Office in Johannesburg, was established in South Africa during 1998. The founding members had an insatiable desire to create a truly independent South African Courier Company, providing the business community with a full spectrum of transport and logistic services. Today, this desire is still evident and tangible in the way in which clients are treated and their shipments handled. The entire staff adopt the attitude of “total accountability” - this sets us apart! Our objective is to offer the market a "turn-key" solution and a total distribution package of the highest quality. One-on-one interaction with our customers makes the customer/supplier relationship seamlessly efficient. This service ultimately becomes an indispensable extension of the Customer's own operation

GLOBEFLIGHT2019 beat365_beat365语言设置_beat365身份验证不通过电话:
(576) 8 928132
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